Singer of an exceptional sensitivity and musicality, Karina Desbordes is active in France, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other European countries. A very solid vocal technique allows her to approach successfully diverse repertoires where she shows herself an expert in styles. By curiosity and a taste for discovery she explores little known or decidedly modern works, willingly tackles difficult parts and even adventures in free improvisation or jazz. Born in Moscow, Karina began her musical life as a violinist. However, along with studying architecture, her musical journey soon goes towards opera, which becomes her main activity. In the Superior Tchaikovsky Conservatory she sang in many productions of the Early Music Department, and deepens across Europe the various aspects of vocal and theatrical expressions through master classes with famous teachers like Michael Chance, Renata Scotto (lyrical and baroque repertoire, chamber music, dance and baroque gestures, etc).

Recognized as an important Baroque singer in Russia, she is acclaimed by orchestras as prestigious as Musica Petropolitana, Academy of Early Music (Tatiana Grindenko), Pratum Integrum (Pavel Serbin) and Bergen Baroque for both solos in cantatas and oratorios and for opera roles: Cleopatra (Handel's Giulio Cesare), Calisto (Cavalli Calisto), Galatea (Acis andGalatea by Handel), Serpina (La Serva Padrona of Pergolesi), Vespetta (Pimpinone Telemann), Siroe (of Siroe Raupach), Tamiri (Il Re Pastore Galuppi), Zerlina, Donna Elvira (Don Giovanni by Mozart) ...She is also the official soloist of Moscow Baroque Ensemble since 2000 (winner of International Van Wassenaer Competition). With this group, she has performed in such prestigious concert halls as the Moscow International Music Centre, the Rachmaninov Hall, Sheremetev Palace, the Kremlin Armory or Yusupov Palace ... and largely explored the Baroque repertoire.

Karina's experience is also great in classical and modern music. Her repertoire covers a wide range, from the XVII to XX centuries, both operatic and chamber music, as well as some popular music. She has sung in concert number of major works of bel canto (Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti), the romantic and classical music, and the music of the twentieth century (Schoenberg, Hindemith, Shostakovich, Previn, Bernstein ...). She has collaborated with world-famous artists such as Jory Vinikour, Jean-Philippe Courtis, Elysée Quartet, New Europe Chamber Orchestra and many others. Passionated with chamber music, Karina has performed many recitals with piano but also with other instruments, flute, oboe, harpsichord, cello, guitar, harp, providing a special care to the choice of pieces, and thus creating her very personal musical world.

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