Sylvie Nicephor appears as soprano soloist in Paris and in various countries including Germany, Italy, Hungary and Serbia, with a repertoire that includes operas, oratorios and various lieders.

Since 1998, she has collaborated with various composers including V. Stephan, G. Stark, J. Holland, I. Jevtic, M. Muench, and has premiered many works. In 2011, she devoted her first soprano record under the label Indesens/Calliope to the rediscovery of the French romance.

Sylvie Nicephor studied singing in Paris with various teachers and participatd in theater and theatrical masterclasses for lyric artists at the Studi-Opéra (1998-2000). She worked extensively with Jeanine Reiss which was one of her many decisive experiences.

In addition to a singing career, Sylvie Nicephor is also an accomplished pianist and has performed as accompanist in lieder concerts. Since 1997, she appears as soloist in various programming in Paris and across Europe including Germany, Italy, Greece, in Finland, Hungary, Serbia. She is a regular guest of festivals “NeckarMusikFestival” in Germany, “Pianorama” in Florence, “Cohilia” in Greece, “Summerpiano Vranje” in Serbia. Her experience of soprano and her theater training led her naturally to participate in various combined projects such as “La petite robe bleue” of G. Lavenant in 2010 and “Entretiens avec Mr Croche” in 2018. Her repertoire includes contemporary music with a special focus on  the piano works of M. Muench. In 2018,  for the centenary of the death of Debussy, she signed her first piano album under the label Indesens/Calliope with his “24 Preludes”.

Sylvie Nicephor studied piano in Paris with the Argentinean pianist Wilfredo Voguet.

Sylvie Nicephor’ artistic career is marked by multidisciplinarity.  At the age of 17, she was accepted at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris in composition, analysis and orchestration classes. She received several first prizes as well as a Doctorate of Musicology from the University of Paris 4-Sorbonne where she specialized in French, from the nineteenth century to the present. During her time at the University of Paris 4-Sorbonne, she obtained a Master’s degree in Dance with a focus on historical dances.

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