Vicent Pelechano is one of the young spanish orchestra conductors emerging in recent years. He is the first spanish orchestra conductor to have been appointed Guest Conductor of the Vienna City Orchestra and Guest Conductor of the Walnut Valley Symphony Orchestra (Los Angeles, US).  Vicent Pelechano has also been the youngest conductor to be appointed Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Menorca Philharmonic Orchestra.

During the 17-18 season, he was named Artistic Director and Music Director of the International University Menendez Pelayo/ Ataulfo Argenta Orchestra and he was chosen to conduct the Spanish TV Orchestra & Chorus, which can be viewed on the Spanish TV websiteIn 2017, Vicent Pelechano became the first spanish orchestra conductor to receive the Distinguished Person in Ministry of Defense (Cantabria) award.

In 2016, Vicent Pelechano has been the youngest orchestra conductor to be appointed General Manager of the II National Congress AMProband. He was the first spanish orchestra conductor to lead and conduct the national project and concert of Sport Press Spain.

In addition to music, Vicent Pelechano has studied neuroscience and psychology at the University of British Columbia. He is one of the first spanish orchestra conductors to obtain an University Degree in Psychology and Mental capacity applied to the Arts Fine and specifically to the mental work of the conductor and his influence on the symphony orchestra. The result has been an university study on emotional intelligence, personality and character on the podium titled Psychology and Mental capacity in the Conductor. In 2016, Maestro Pelechano taught severals masterclasses on applied psychology.

‚ÄčIn 2016, Vicent Pelechano conducted several premieres, the highlight being the Piano Concerto op. 147 by A. Noguera which was performed in the Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria.

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