May-1-2024 •
Mar-23-2024 •

Kobayashi/Gray Duo is invited to the 2024 College Music Society Conference for a lecture and a performance.

Sep-30-2023 •

The 2023 Global Music Awards has awarded James Adler with its Silver Medal for his CD "That Star in the Picture"

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Non-standard setups in classical music may be interesting, but they are commonly faced with the problem of limited repertoire. The ARK Trio, formed by soprano Allison Charney, cellist Kajsa William-Olsson, and pianist Reiko Uchida, has found a way of circumventing this challenge by commissioning...
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Rawlins Piano Trio Concert
Ioana Galu, violin
Susan Keith Gray, piano
Sonja Kraus, cello
February 12, 2021
Aalfs Auditorium
University of South Dakota