Jamie Younkin, who makes her recording debut on Did It Anyway, is a singer, songwriter and trumpeter who started playing music when she was in the fifth grade. Ms. Younkin was born and raised in Wyoming where she grew up listening to classical music, country and jazz. After
earning degrees from the University of Mary (music education), Florida State University (musicology) and a Ph. D. from the University of Toronto, she became a music educator, directing and conducting a
variety of different college ensembles.
"Did It Anyway", which was recorded in Florida, is split between standards and originals with strong support from pianist Paul Tardif, guitarist Chris Cortez, bassist Chuck Archard, and drummer Marc Clermont. Jamie Younkin begins the program with a relaxed but quietly passionate version of “When I Fall In Love.” Her voice is laidback, she
alters some notes to make the song her own, and there are brief trumpet and piano solos. “House Of The Rising Sun” switches moods with Younkin taking a soulful and bluesy vocal while Cortez turns up the heat on guitar.
The first of Younkin’s four originals, “Tango For One,” is playful and danceable. The pop/folk song “April Rain,” a duet with  guest pianist Brian Gatchell (to whom she dedicates the CD), has Younkin taking a heartfelt vocal on a tale of regret. Her “ Woman In Gold ” is a moody piece about an irresistible piano that steals its performers’ love.
“Dear Old Stockholm,” after an unaccompanied vocal chorus, gives the musicians an opportunity to stretch out a bit. Younkin does a fine job interpreting her philosophical and picturesque lyrics of “Sunday Starlight,” a piece that includes a muted trumpet solo and solid swinging. Did It Anyway concludes with an intimate Younkin-Tardif
duet on the ballad “Polka Dots And Moonbeams.”
Throughout Did It Anyway, Jamie Younkin displays a haunting voice, melodic trumpet playing, and a talent for writing songs. Her future musical directions will be well worth following.

Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian
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