Works for Solo Piano

Sonata # 1 (1980)
Cappricio in D; (1986)
Cappriccio in G; (1986)
Toccata: Homage to Domenico Scarlatti; (1986)
Capriccio in e minor; (1986)
Chaconne in D; (1988)
Sonatina in E flat; (1988)
Sonata # 2 (1990)
Cappriccio in E; (1990)
Sonatina Venezolana in c minor; (1990)
Cappriccio in C; (1991)
Cappriccio in F; (1991)
Ten Preludes for the Summer of 1991
Hallelujah; Song of Praise in G; (1992)
Hallelujah; Song of Praise in E; (1992)
Toccata; Homage to Johann Sebastian Bach; (1992)
Etude in C; (1994)
Five Prayers; (1995)
Seven Meditations; (1997)
Four Meditations; (1998)
Preludes for Piano; (2002)
Four Preludes in A flat; (2003)
Four Preludes in A; (2003)
Four Meditations; (2005)
Lied ohne Worte; (2005)
Song without Words in E; (2006)
Praeludium in E; (2006)
An American Waltz; (2006)
Redemption: Suite; (2008)
I Prelude
II Rondeau
III Sonatina
IV Romanze
V Lied ohne Worte
Four Pieces for Hannukah; (2008)
I Praeludium
II Meditatio
III Serenade
IV Valse Romantique
Prelude and Fugue in e minor; (2011)
Manhattan Serenade, in e minor; (2011)
Sonatensatz, in F; (2011)
Spring Serenade, in C; (2012)
Night Thoughts, in c sharp minor; (2012)
An afternoon in the country; in D Mixolydian Mode; (2012)
Summer Serenade in E flat; (2012)
Fourth of July at Belvoir Terrace,
Lenox, MA; (2012)
Toccata Festiva, in D; (2012)
Etude for the left hand alone,
in F sharp; (2012)
Song without words in A flat; (2012)
Song without words in D flat; (2013)
Etude in B; Homage to Charles Valentin Alkan; (2013)
Intermezzo in C; (2013)
Etude in g minor; Homage to Charles Valentin Alkan; (2013)
Prelude and Fugue in F; (2014)
The New York Preludes; (2015)
Promedade in B; (2015)
Spring Serenade in D; (2015)
Rhapsody in b minor; "Dies Irae" (2015)
Four Pieces for Hannukah; (2015)
New York Freylekhs; (2016)
Impromptu in a minor; (2016)
Klezmer Dance #1 for Piano; (2016)
Interlude #1 (2016)
Jazz Prelude (2017)
Intermezzo in B flat (2017)
Enigma (2017)
Sidewalks of Manhattan (2018)
Reflections (2018)
A New York Toccata (2018)
West Side Serenade (2018)
Impromptu # 2 (2018)
Scene from a Latin Ballet (2018)
Serenade in b minor (2018)
Reminiscences (2018)
Manhattan Samba (2018)

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