Jamie Younkin is the Vice President and a Founding Member of the nation’s foremost jazz competition, the American Jazz Pianist Competition. Her sensuous music chronicles the journey of a woman who has truly lived, from the wild plains of Wyoming to the monasteries of medieval Europe and back again.

Posted: Oct-8-2018
Latest Recording

Jamie Younkin’s new release “Did It Anyway” is her answer to the question of what is the ultimate meaning in music.

Jamie's musical tastes developed organically through exploration and an extensive education in music. She has deep roots in country music, classical music and jazz and holds a Bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of Mary, Bismarck, ND, a Master’s degree in Musicology from Florida State University, and a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Toronto.

Jamie’s career was committed to teaching and inspiring college students. She conducted orchestras, bands and choirs, directed jazz big bands and delighted in the success of her students. Outside of her educational roles, however, she still felt a voice was missing. Her search for that voice has become the driving force behind her solo career in performance and in the composition of “Did It Anyway”. The musicians on the project are Jamie Younkin-Voice/Trumpet/Composer, Paul Tardif - Piano, Chris Cortez - Guitar, Chuck Archard - Bass and Marc Clermont - Drums.

Younkin is deeply grateful for her teachers throughout the years and the love of her family and friends. Through these people she found the answer to her original question: the ultimate meaning in music is love, hence “Did It Anyway”.

With a strong radio campaign in motion and the outreach to the jazz marketplace, Jamie seeks to connect with presenters worldwide not only where she can perform selections from “Did It Anyway”, but also offer her educational background through masterclasses and lectures.

Posted: Jun-7-2018
Latest Acclaim

The title of Jamie Younkin’s debut album "Did It Anyway" sends a gleefully defiant message to all of the mainstream musical norms she dynamically transcends on an album that is ultimately the perfect soundtrack to a dreamy, romantic evening full of artfully re-imagined standards and sweet gossamer originals. Is she a trumpet player who sings or a vocalist who plays trumpet?

— The JW Vibe
Posted: Nov-4-2018
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Posted: Aug-12-2021